Monday, 18 November 2013


Mud Oven

Hi friends!

Hope your day is going fabulously. I'm headed out to Chelsea for the evening to attend a premiere of a documentary about a wonderful woman from the community, Nicole Bruinsma, who is also one of my close friend's mother. She is truly an inspiration - check out more information below if you are in the area and want to attend!


Someone posted this WOD (workout of the day - Cross Fit vocab for all of those who have not heard of this before) on instagram this morning, and I'm going to attempt to do at least 2 rounds, if not 3, tonight at my parents place before heading off to the premiere. 

Three whole minutes of burpees may kill me...challenge, accepted ;)

WOD – Cross Fit Workout of the Day

Do each exercise for the amount of time as indicated with a 10-20 second break before moving on to the next

1 min – mountain climbers

2 min – squat & press

3 min – burpees

4 min – box jumps

5 min – walking lunges

Mud Oven

A friend of mine has been dying to go to a pottery painting place for ages, and we finally got our act together and went on Sunday.

Just for the record, this is probably the best activity to do on a lazy & rainy Sunday afternoon.

Armed with some Starbucks, we chose our pieces (which took about half an hour, no joke) and staked our spot in a quiet corner and started creating our masterpieces.

We went to a place called Mud Oven in Ottawa - I would def recommend it! The staff are super lovely and patient (which is handy when you are debating between two different kinds of mugs that are pretty much exactly the same for wayyy too long) and they play some really nice soothing music. Which obviously helps in the creation of masterpieces. Obvi.

If you are thinking of going, I would give yourself a good couple of hours - I think we were there for just over 3 hours in total. For serious.

The ladies gave us a quick run-down of the different techniques and then we kind of went wild with it. The sky is the limit! Which is slightly intimidating at first when you have a blank mug staring at you, but the good thing is that you can sketch on the pieces in pencil beforehand and the firing process burns off the pencil marks :)

We were the oldest group there by about 20 years, so it was a tad loud from shrieking children running around everywhere, which was slightly toned out with the soothing music, but we didn't really mind - we were all too focused on painting ;)

I ended up painting a mug - we have a deficit of large tea mugs at my apartment right now - and went a bit wild with the 'sparkle' paint colours. I'm officially addicted!

Note how the aprons only come in child-size. Not even phased ;)

The process itself is super cool - once your piece was dried,the staff would dip it in the glaze, which was green (see above) and then put it in the kiln (see below) and then you get to pick up the finished product in about a week.

All-in-all, a great way to spend a couple of hours with some good friends, and I get a pretty sweet mug out of it too! I'll post the finished product once I pick it up next week. Fingers crossed it looks awesome. So excited!!!

Precautionary Principle

If you are in the Chelsea area tonight, I highly encourage you to go to the premiere showing of The Precautionary Principle, which is a documentary about a wonderful and incredibly inspiring woman from the community who fought to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides - and won. It will be held at Camp Fortune at 7pm.

See the website here for more information.

Have a great evening!

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