Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hatha Yoga at Rama Lotus

Hi friends!

Hope you are all having a wonderful evening :)

I actually managed to leave work (somewhat) on time today, which probably means I will have an even larger pile of work to deal with tomorrow, but at least it makes the time go by quickly, amiright?

Hatha Yoga at Rama Lotus

I was supposed to meet with a friend of mine to do a power yoga class tonight, but we ended up going to the hatha yoga class instead...since it was later and I didn't think I would make it in time for the earlier class ;)

I HATE being late and feeling rushed going to a yoga class, it just puts me in the wrong frame of mind for my 'om' time, so I am glad that we decided to go a bit later.

If you haven't already checked out Rama Lotus, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes that I have taken there. They offer a full range of yoga styles, from heated power yoga to yin yoga in a cool room, so you can always find a class that suits your fancy. They have studios on three different floors, so it is a bit of a maze at first, but the people at the desk are always super helpful ;)

Although it wasn't the heated power class that I was looking forward to, turns out that a hatha class was exactly what I needed tonight - some time to stretch it out and focus on reconnecting with my breath while also doing some warrior sequences.


It has now become a bit of a routine for my friend and I to go for Vietnamese pho after taking a yoga class at Rama Lotus - there is a pho place literally a block away and not much else around the area in terms of eats, aside from a couple of pizza and shawarma places, so we went for it again tonight.

It was so satisfying to have a nice cup of tea and a bowl of hot (and spicy - I gave'r on the sriracha, as per usual) Vietnamese soup...makes me excited to try the real deal soon ;)

Also, our waitress was pretty much the CUTEST thing ever, and she randomly brought us some grapes, which were de-stemmed, to snack on after we finished our meal. Now we have to go back every time we go to Rama Lotus.

A plate of grapes. Officially the best after-meal snack.

Hope you all have an awesome night, I'm going to try and finish up a report...time to blast the beats and  DO IT!

Bonne nuit tout le monde :)


  1. My brother teaches at Rama Lotus a few times a week! I've never actually been to a class but it looks nice :P
    and now I want pho...

    1. That's awesome! Maybe I've seen him before without even knowing it ;)