Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Sister Spa Date

Morning friends!

It wasn't nearly as freezing cold outside or treacherous to walk down the sidewalk this morning compared to yesterday, it seems like the city of Ottawa has finally busted out the sand and salt. It's about time, really. I was starting to think that I would have to wear skates to work. Which would be kind of cool, I guess.


I actually managed to do groceries this weekend, so I have finally broken my oatmeal breakfast marathon - I think it ended up being over a week in a row - and had a yummy egg breakfast wrap.

Egg, lettuce and spicy salsa in a whole wheat wrap. Easy and delicious!

Sister Spa Date

So, my Mom is pretty much the cutest thing ever. If you've been following this blog for a while, you will know that she has been in Egypt with my youngest sister since August.

Lovin' life.

Anyway, it is slightly embarrassing and makes me seem like a two year old, but I have a confession: I have rarely gone for a haircut without my mother. Seriously, I can count the amount of times that I have booked myself an appointment on one hand. The same goes for my little sisters (who are also old enough to have their shtuff in order to be able to book their own hair appointments). Every once in a while, my Momster will break down and say 'I've had it! We're all going to get our hair done!'

Which is convenient since I would probs go for about a year before remembering to do so. Anyway, when my Step-dad went to go visit my Mom and little sister in Egypt over Thanksgiving, she sent him back with money for me and my little sister to go for a haircut. For serious. Her only demand was that we went together. She is amazing :)

Anyway, we thought about it for about five seconds and decided that the money would be much better spent towards a spa date for the two of us. So off we went on Saturday for a relaxing afternoon at Spa le Nordik in Chelsea.


 A good friend of mine and her little sister, who is on the same rugby team as my sister, ended up coming with me. It was like a sister double date. Which is pretty much the best thing ever!


 It was one of the first snowy days in the area (I missed the first snow storm while I was in Toronto - it all melted that time anyway) so it was absolutely beautiful with the steamy air coming off of the baths and the snow coming down - spectacular!


I think that my favourite time of the year to go to le Nordik is during the winter. Flip-flops are DEFINITELY necessary (my sister and I forgot to bring them - I will never go without my flippy-floppies ever again) but the ambiance is ridiculously amazing. Definitely worth it!

The employees are a bit stickler about the 'no talking' rule, which is a bit tricky to follow when you are a group of ladies, but there are areas that have been designated as 'talking acceptable' so we hung around those areas quite a bit ;)

After spending about 5 hours at the spa, we made some dinner at my parents place and then went to go see Catching Fire. For the record, I have a total crush on Peeta. I guess Gayle is pretty cute too ;)


Pretty much the best day a girl could ask for!

Question of the Day:

  • Have you been to le Nordik? Love it? 

I have been quite a few times, and I keep on going back for more :)

[Disclaimer - I paid for my experience at le Nordik myself (well, with my Momster's funds...but, you know) and all opinions are my own]

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