Sunday, 24 November 2013


11/24 Pics from the Weekend and Fitness for the Week

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I was able to see a bunch of my fav people and have some good quality relaxation time and even a bit of dancing. Gotta love the dancing ;)

The perfect way to unwind after a long work week :)

Ottawa became a winter wonderland overnight

Playing with my parents dog, Bella, in Chelsea. Loaf her.

A yummy dinner at my parents place with my little sister, a friend and her little sister. 
Sister double date?

More on that tomorrow ;)

My oatmeal marathon continued (you will all be happy to note that I finally did groceries today)

Lunch date at Stella in the Byward market with my soon-to-be travel buddy!

We did NYC, now we're onto South East Asia :)

'Tis the season of...tacky Christmas trees?

I prefer the real deal - Christmas trees taking over the Byward market place 

The perfect way to warm up on a chilly day - spiked eggnog and good chats with a friend :)

Fitness for the Week

I'm pretty sure that this week will be just as crazy at work as it has been for the past little while, so I'm going to try to get up early (I know, such a strange concept) to get in my workouts this week - wish me luck ;)

Monday - Hiit

Tuesday - Pilates

Wednesday - Yoga

Thursday - Hiit

Friday - Pilates

Saturday - OFF

Sunday - Runday :)

You will notice a serious lack of running on my schedule for this week - the sidewalks are seriously treacherous around my place right now and super icy from the recent snow that we got in Ottawa, so I want to wait until it has cleared up a bit before I head out for a run. I'm okay with running in the cold, but I can barely even walk on the sidewalks right now - safety first!

Have a great week every one :)

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