Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Let It Snow

Morning friends!

Hope you all had a fibbity fab evening :)

After doing a HIIT workout last night, I made some dinner and decided to take it easy and hang out with one of my roomies. I tried a new vino that I found - I'm trying to go with the organic wines lately. Its a bit on the fruity side, but I would def have it again.

Frisky Zebras from South Africa

Let It Snow

If you live in or around Ottawa, I'm sure your fbook, instagram, and/or twitter (maybe even snapchat?) slash social media in general has already exploded with pictures of the recent dump of snow that we got overnight.

Not going to lie, I can't help but love the first big snowfall - especially when I have these bad boys to help me slog through the uncleared sidewalks.

 I'm a big advocate of Sorel boots ;)

I had to be at work earlier than usual for the early shift - we have been doing early and late shifts just in case anything crazy happens in terms of our response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, so I was on duty this morning. Made for a bit of a dark walk into work, but a beautiful one nonetheless.

If you're not working today, or have a snow day (which would be SO AWESOME), go out and make some snow angels for me ;)

I'll be back this afternoon with a 'What I Ate Wednesday' post. Because, I mean, it's Wednesday after all!

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