Monday, 4 November 2013


10/04 Meatless Monday

Hi friends,

Hope you are all having an awesome afternoon :)

Can we all just take a second and acknowledge the fact that it is already November?! Where has the time gone!! I was looking at my calendar the other day, and I realized that I officially have 7 weeks before I take off, in the words of Chantal Kreviazuk, on a jet-plane.

Let the countdown begin. 


I'm going to try a circuit workout from Purely Twins tonight, which you can find on their blog here: Getting Back into a Workout Groove

I'm planning on finishing up with this Blogilates arm workout:

She kind of rambles along in her workout videos, which can be annoying to some, but I have kind of gotten used to it and find it better to focus on her voice than on the burning sensation in my arms...the exercises look so easy, but they definitely add up! 

Meatless Monday

If you are an avid fitness/lifestyle/foodie blog reader like myself, you have already heard the term 'Meatless Mondays'. I have mostly been eating mainly vegetarian, aside from the post-party Hawaiian pizza that happened recently {Momster and Popster, pretend you didn't see that]. 

Aaanyway, as I was saying, I planned ahead this time and I am going to dig in with some delicious vegetarian chili that I made last night that is packed full with veggies and quinoa - I'll share the recipe on the blog tomorrow :)


Question of the Day:

  • Do you set aside one day a week where you eat completely vegetarian? Or are you more of an every day kind of person? 
I definitely consider myself more of a flexitarian - I generally never buy meat at the grocery store for myself, but will indulge when I go out for dinner with a chicken dish or when I am at my parents place (or when it is cooked for me at 2am)

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