Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand

Before heading off to Pattaya to visit some friends of mine, I had a day to kill in Bangkok. 

So, naturally, I went to see a temple. 

Wat Arun is a big old temple (I know, I'm so exact with my temple facts sometimes...) in the old part of Bangkok that is situated on the other side of the river from the Grand Palace and the current downtown area. 

It had really impressive architecture and very interesting detailing. For instance, there were these little flowers made out I plates all over the sides. Great example of recycling ;) 

It was the first temple that I had visited where you could walk up the steps and see the view. 

The view of the river and the city was definitely worth it. 

The walk down, however, was terrifying. 

I took it like a champ, one stair at a time (while holding onto the railing for dear life) and made it down safe and sound. 

I loved all of the detailing on this temple, so intricate! 

Gotta love the statues. 

There were quite a lot of young monks hanging around as well. 

How many monks does it take to put up a sign? I know, I know...bad joke. 

I felt good about actually doing an activity, all by myself! 

After taking the water taxi back to the pier near Grand Palace, on my way back to Khaosan Rd, I walked through a huge park I hadn't noticed before and there were tons of people flying kites. 

So peaceful.

I celebrated my first solo day the only way I know how: by eating a mystery soup with coconut shake and getting a massage. Heaven. 

Massages en masse on Khaosan Rd. 

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