Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Sky Train, MBK Shopping Center and Sky Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Ah, Bangkok. How crazy and wonderful you are. 

I have actually noticed a difference in the energy here. We have received a couple of advisories from the Canadian embassy that there has been a merging of demonstration camps in Bangkok, and you can feel a bit more tense energy in the area. 

We accidentally walked through the protest camp when we were here last and there were only a few hundred tents, but now it's a whole sea of them. I hope that they are able to settle their issues with the government without too much violence. 

Anywho, it was Cyn's last day in Thailand - hard to believe that it has been 3 weeks already! Time has flown by so fast!! 

We decided to get our shopping on to load her up with goodies to bring home for friends and family, so we took a boat ferry and the sky train to BMK, the big tourist shopping mall. 

The sky train was like a cleaner, more organized, and air conditioned version of the metro in Montreal. Also, it's in the sky. Same same but different. They even make you use your tickets to get out of the turnstiles and keep it in the machine to reuse them. No waste. Loves it! I hate seeing all of the metro stubs on the ground in Mtl. Bangkok clearly has it figured out. 

BMK is a huge shopping complex with tons of knock-off purses and clothing and pretty much anything else you would ever want. We didn't go that wild, though, since the vendors weren't really open to bargaining. Lame sauce. 

We jumped in a taxi - the first one who agreed to use his meter - and got a ride to sky bar. 

Sky bar is a restaurant at the top of one of the tallest hotels in Bangkok, and it is amazing! 

We got off at the wrong floor by accident and looked over the banister up and down - it was crazy tall! 

We weren't really prepared for sky bar, however, and looked kind of like bums (as per usual). The lady at the entrance kindly informed us that we would have to change and come back. 'No flip flops and dress, you know, fashionable'. 


She was super nice about it, though, and we all laughed. She let us go to the window and look out - best view of all time! You can grab a drink at the bar outside with an amazing view  of the city, or you have to reserve a seat about 2 weeks in advance. The drinks start at about $10, but it is totally worth it! 

Unfortunately, it was Cyn's last night and Bangkok traffic was brutal, so we didn't make it back. It was so weird to say goodbye to her. 

I walked around in a bit of a daze after watching her mini van drive off, but then got myself together, got a massage and met some people at the table beside me at a bar on Khaosan Rd. Took it like a champ ;) 

I'm heading back down south to visit some friends in Pattaya, should be wild times! 

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