Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Night Dive in Pattaya, Thailand

It wasn't all partying during my entire stay in Pattaya. I actually managed to sneak in another night dive while I was there. 

They just keep getting better and better! 

One of my friends, who has been 'wintering' in Pattaya for about 5 years now, did his dive masters with scuba something dive shop in Pattaya. 

Our other friend, who has been going to Pattaya for 2 or 3 years running now, is also an advanced diver like myself, so we all decided to go out for a night dive together. 

The boat was pretty packed, but we were able to have a small group of just the three of us and one of their friends from Holland. 

We went for a drift dive first and saw a turtle(!!). Definitely a highlight for me :) 

After some dinner on the boat, we went out at night and it was amazing. It's crazy how different a dive site look from the daytime to nighttime. 

I actually preferred it to my night dive in Koh Tao since we were the only lights in the water that I could see, whereas there was a solid glow in Koh Tao from other groups nearby. 

Teamo supremo!  

I would def suggest checking out the diving scene in Pattaya. Not as many people dive there compared to the southern Thai islands, so it's a much more personal experience. 

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