Friday, 28 March 2014


Sleeper Bus: Vientiane to Pakse, Laos

Overnight buses are generally an awesome way to travel in south east Asia: they are generally comfortable, they sometimes give you free snacks and water, and you get to save a nights worth of accommodation. Bonus. 

This sleeper bus, however, was more like a sauna on wheels. It was the first time that I slept in legit bunk beds on a bus, but the experience was a bit tarnished by the fact that we were booked for the same bunk as two other people, causing a bit of confusion with the bus driver, and that the air conditioning did not work. 

More like a sauna on wheels. 

The situation was only slightly improved by the fact that there was a huge Winnie the Pooh on the side of the bus. 

Fingers crossed the next bus I take has aircon. Or we can at least open the windows. Here's hoping!

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