Monday, 3 March 2014


Lady Boy Show at the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We met a bunch of the girls we met during our cooking course after their yoga class at Nema Yoga Studio on Lane 4 (near Soi 5 Rd in the east part of the old city). I would have loved to do a yoga class, but we decided a long nap was a better idea ;) 

We loaf massaman curry

We went to the night bazaar on the east side of the moat and split up to get dinner. It was hard to believe that we were even hungry after everything we ate during the day. 

It was so cool since we now understood how to prepare the food we ordered (I got a coconut milk soup and Cyn got massaman curry) and what ingredients were in it. It's funny to think that only 2 weeks ago, I had no idea what the mysterious things were in the soup - turns out they are mushrooms and not some sort of seafood as I initially thought. 

After a delish din, we met back with the group at the Chiang Mai cabaret in the night bazaar. Aka lady boy show. 

Omigosh. You guys, it was SO GOOD! I couldn't believe it was a free show. The costumes were amazingly flamboyant and dayum, can those guys dance! 

There were points when the performers would go out into the audience and pretty much attack random men. 

They loved the boyf of the girl's we came with  - I guess that's what we get for sitting in the front row ;) 

There was one performance that was actually really moving. A lady boy came on stage all decked out and then slowly transformed back to a man to the song 'I did it my way'. 

Truly performance art at its best. 

We ended up seeing one of our friends from Monkey Club the night before and we all got pulled onstage for a dance party  at the end of the show. Too much fun. 

We decided to take it easy and head back to our hostel since we had a full day of hanging out with elephant the next day(!!). 

...not before getting a rotee, obvi. Like a deep-fried crepe with egg an cheese inside, covered in condensed milk. Obsessed. 

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