Monday, 3 March 2014


Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hi friends! 

I have another couple of blog posts comin' at you today, we have been so busy during our days in Chiang Mai that I haven't had a chance to catch up yet! So, here you go :)

Our flight from Krabi to Chiang Mai went smoothly, and our bags arrived successfully - BOOYAH! 

We were pretty ravenous by the time we arrived, however, since Air Asia le sucks and not only made us pay extra for checked luggage (grumble) but they didn't even feed us on the plane - even snacks were extra (and clearly we have become to cheap to buy airplane food...we're trying to stay on some sort of budget, man). Fail Air Asia, mega fail. 

Anywho, we met two Canadian girls and grabbed a taxi to the old city. The taxi driver was hilarious and kept pointing at tourists and yelling 'phalong!'  We assumed he was saying 'stupid white person' haha and he was pretty on-point with most of them - people randomly crossing the street, not paying attention to where they were going...

It was the first time that we had arrived somewhere and didn't have any accommodation booked in advance. I know, pretty bad ass. Or irresponsible, depending how you look at it...

We were starving at this point, so we stopped at the Burmese Cuisine Restaurant on the other side of the moat on the north east corner of the old city. 

Side note: the old city of Chiang Mai is surrounded by a moat. So cool. It has extra large stone entrances at different intervals. Loves it! 

There are a lot of Burmese restaurants here since we are close to the border. It was nice I have a bit of a change from our regular noodle/spicy soup/curry/fried rice dishes. We got fried fish in 'Burmese sauce' (aka tomato sauce) and amazing young coconut smoothies. So yummy! 

We ended up getting bunks at Rose Guest House, a nice little hostel with really friendly staff. I met a girl who was teaching English in Thailand for the past 4 months (she said the kids were pretty 'out of control' haha) and we all headed to the Sunday night market. 

There is a market every night, during the week it is on the east side outside the moat, on Saturdays it is south of the moat, and Sunday is the only day it is inside the old city. 

I have to say, it was the best night market we have been to yet: there were TONS of vendors, with new things we hadn't seen yet. There were a lot of blind people walking around with portable karaoke machines, and even a jam circle with didgeridoos and bongos (Australian influence in full swing). 

Spicy mystery noodles 

Hard boiled quail eggs

Fresh young coconuts 

We walked around, ate new things, bought some goodies until the vendors closed up shop at around midnight. 

Pork balls

Momster, you would lurve these shoes(!!)

I would def suggest checking it out if you are in the area on a Sunday!

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