Saturday, 8 March 2014


Sukkhothai, Thailand

Hi friends! Another bunch of posts coming your way today :)

Cyn and I took the early morning bus from Chiang Mai to Sukkhothai. One of the guys working at our hostel said that his son could drive us at 5am - such a nice man! His son's friend was in the car when he picked us up (on time!) and I asked him how he convinced him to get up so early. 'Oh, we didn't go to bed. We were at Monkey Bar'. Derp. 'We went there!' Instant friends. 

The ticket guy on the bus was super friendly (a tad too friendly for 6am without much sleep) and gave us Thai names. 'You are Kanika and Paumoo'. I think Kanika either means bird or 'white', the translation wasn't very good...

Anywho, a nice lady at the bus station let us keep our bags there for the day and we set off on a (very, very slow) truck taxi ride to the old city. Can't complain, though, since it was only 30 baht ($1). 

We rented bikes and got a guided audio tour thing and set off. 

The ruins were absolutely stunning. 

It was glorious to just bike around and listen to the history of the place. 

It was the first Thai empire, and the first king actually created the Thai written language. 

There were tons of intricate moats made, which are still working to this day. 

We then went across the road to see the tall Buddha. 

I think it was the most impressive Buddha we have seen thus far - and that's saying a lot since we have seen A TON of wats and Buddhas during our time here. 

It was standing out in the open, although in an enclosure, so it was weathered by the elements. 

Made me feel so small and insignificant. In the best possible way ever. 


We caught the last slow truck back to the bus station - our quickest stop yet! 

I'm so glad that we decided to come here, though. Truly a wonderful day ;) 

School kids who wanted to pose with us. So, naturally, I took a picture of them ;) 

Also, if ever you are at the Sukkhothai bus station, walk down the road and the last restaurant-looking place on your left is owned by the sweetest lady who makes the best (and cheapest) Pad Thai of life!  

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