Friday, 28 March 2014


Cave Exploring in Vang Vieng, Laos

ended up spending a lot more time in Vang Vieng than I had planned. It was a super relaxed town, though, with an awesome party every night. 

We caught the renowned 'jungle party' on Friday night, went to pub 101 (actually a night club) after all the bars closed at 11:30 - the curfew is seriously strict around here. 

Snap chat for the win!

The best part? There were these awesome restaurants with pillowy laze-chairs that played 'Friends' nonstop. It was amazing to just chill out and watch reruns of 'Friends' to waste away the afternoon heat. 

I decided to get active one day and go explore some of the nearby caves. Everyone else I was hanging out with were feeling a bit under the weather *ahem* le hungover, so I just went by myself. 

Lesson learned: going into a cave by yourself with only the light from your iPhone is hella scary, but kind of cool at the same time. 

I went into one with a 'swimming pool' inside. It went back about 20mins or so, with really tiny cracks that you had to maneuver through, and ended in the most hilariously small puddle of water. So good. 

I even saw my first rainfall in three months - so refreshing! 

Overall, I thought that Vang Vieng was a pretty relaxed place, but definitely a backpacker haven, with most restaurants serving 'happy shakes' and every tuktuk driver trying to sell you weed at every corner. 

My advice? Don't buy the weed, they are usually in cahoots with the police. 

I would def recommend checking out Vang Vieng to chill and watch some American TV shows, go tubing, see some caves, and do some partying with fellow travellers. 

And the bestest sandwiches from the little stalls on the side of the road. 

Fruit, muesli and yogurt at the Friends place errrrday. 

The best advice I received before going there was: just have a good time and party and forget about experiencing any culture at all, and you'll have a fun time! Legit. 

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