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Throwback Travel Thursday: Hoi An, Vietnam

Throwback Travel Thursday

Morning friends!

This is the first of my "throwback Thursday" posts - let me know what you think!!

Hoi An, Vietnam

As I approached Hoi An, I knew that I was no longer in the fresher temperatures of the central highlands. With temperatures in the 40s (Celsius) it is a hot and humid place! 

The city itself, however, is magical. 

It has a French colonial feel to the architecture, and is lit-up by the most beautiful paper lanterns at night. 

I happened to be there for a Buddha ceremony, and was able to let my own lit lantern go along the water.

Hoi An is known for it's amazing specialized tailors.

I went to Kimmy, recommended to me by a nice Vietnamese man in Dalat, and I was super impressed by the quality and efficiency with which they make their clothes. 

I was starting law school in the fall in Canada, so I felt justified in getting a suit made..."budget", gone out the window. 

They let me have as many fittings as I wanted until I was satisfied with the look and cut of everything (yes, EVERYTHING) that I ordered. 

There's nothing quite like wasting away the day at a café along the water as you wait for handmade clothes to be made for you ;) 

I stayed on the smaller island at a 'home stay' called the Sleepy Gecko. It had a pool and the staff were super friendly. 

I met this cute Vietnamese girl at dinner one night - I think she just felt bad that I was sitting by myself. She spoke really good English and we had such a great time that she asked me if she could take me for a tour of her city the following night. So much fun! We are local food and wandered around with the lanterns lighting up the streets under a full moon. Spectacular. 

Did I mention the white sand beaches? The perfect place to spend a scorching-hot day! 

This is definitely an area that I could stay for a while, but alas, I had to move on! 

  •  Have YOU ever been to Hoi An? If not, have you added it to your "MUST-SEE" list?!

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