Monday, 16 November 2015


11/16 Pics from the Weekend & Fitness for the Week

Happy Monday morning everyone, I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

We ended up going to a surprise bday party for a friend (Note: I LURVE surprise parties!!!) on Friday night, then went to Toronto for a weekend filled with friends, good eats and good music. 

Pics from the Weekend

Snakes and Lattés: Best board game bar EVER! 

Aunties and Uncles: Most amazing omelette - kale, sweet potato and provalone. Delish. 

Most amazing weather ever!

Santa Claus parade! Excited as a child to see Santa ;) 

Andrew McMahon show at the Danforth Music Hall - I'll have a full review for you guys in the next few days :)

Fitness for the Week

I'm going to try and fit-in a few more runs than last week - I missed my runs! 

Monday - Fibbity Fab Friday Circuit

We took the midnight bus back last night, so I was a bit tired and didn't want to think of a new routine, so I busted out this one from last Friday again - perfect start to the day!

Tuesday - Bodyweight Circuit

Wednesday - Run!

Thursday - HIIT 

Friday - Yoga

Saturday - Run

Sunday - Active Rest Day 

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