Thursday, 19 November 2015


Concert Review: Andrew McMahon, in the Wilderness Tour

Hi friends!

I know I usually do a 'What I Ate' post on Wednesday, but I figured I'd change it up a bit today and do a review of the Andrew McMahon concert I attended this past weekend. 

Concert Review: Andrew McMahon, in the Wilderness Tour

Full disclosure: I love Andrew McMahon's music - he has a knack for writing songs that pluck my little heart strings. 

The concert was held at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. It's a great venue, and conveniently placed near Greek Town for a delish pre-show meal ;)

[I would recommend Messini on Danforth St - amazing Greek salad with chicken souvlaki]

The openers for the show were the New Politics. While they were able to get the crowd nice and rowdy, I found them a bit...rehearsed. 

Their light show was on point, and the lead singer would take breaks to do a mini breakdancing set. I couldn't help but feel like it was a bit of a cookie-cutter show, and it seemed like they had received professional coaching for their routine. 

Anywho, Andrew McMahon is obviously a big fan - he came out to sing a song with them, and even invited them onto the stage with him later during his set. 

As for Andrew McMahon's set, it was pretty amazing. 

He mixed some of his older stuff from when he was with Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate, along with all of my faves from his recent solo album "In the Wilderness". 

He ended with Cecilia and the Satellites, which he wrote for his daughter. 


He busted out one of those old-school colourful parachutes and actually came out into the crowd. 

So cool. 

That being said, there were a few strange moments. 

It happened two days after the terrible shootings in France, so I think everyone was a bit on-edge. 

Whatever the case, I guess some people in the audience were yelling inappropriate comments, but Andrew McMahon kinda freaked out. Generally, he seems like he is probs the nicest man, but the energy in the room after he essentially yelled that he would "effing punch you in the face" was a bit off. Definitely took away from the end half of the show. 

Overall, despite the ridiculousness that went down, I was still in my happy place when it was done :)

Have YOU ever seen Andrew McMahon live? What did you think??