Friday, 6 November 2015


Sens Army Recap

Morning y'all! 

Okay fineee, I'm not southern at all...but sometimes you just get overtaken by the urge to drop a little southern drawl into the conversation to make things a little interesting, amiright?!  


Anywho, I did my go-to circuit workout this morning - I was a tad tired from last night (see my "Sens Army" recap below!) and just wanted to bust out a workout without having to think about it too much. 

Sens Army Recap

H'Okay, so I decided to embrace the whole "let's dress-up and go yell at a real-life hockey game" student thing, and I have to admit...

...I kinda liked it. 

Full disclosure: it wasn't your typical cheap student affair - we ended up sneaking out way into a limo. 

My little brosef works with  a charity, so it was a special thing that they were doing for the volunteers AND their very special older sisters ;) 

It was a bunch of rambunctious fun, and I would totally do it again! 

Being 'Healthy' at Events 

I thought I'd compile a little list of the tactics that I use whenever I'm going to a special event in order to feel like I'm still staying 'healthy'. 

1. Eat before

Whether this is a little snack or a full meal, it will help you stave off the "EAT ALL OF THE THINGS" feeling once you see the first plate of goodies, or hotdog stand. 

2. Take it easy on 'adult beverages' 

The easiest way? Drink a glass of water between each drink, that way you can pace yourself a little bit better. 

3. Pack snacks & a water bottle 

I try to take an empty water bottle to indoor sporting events so that I can fill it up once I'm inside (best-kept secret for the airport too!). 

Also, snacks are a big part of my life - I always make sure to have some on-hand so I don't spend too much money on unnecessary splurges. My wallet and my waistline usually appreciate it ;)

4. Leave the guilt at the door!

Life is meant to be enjoyed(!!) so don't kick yourself if you get a bit carried away - just focus on good eats, alllll of the water and exercise the next day! 

More disclosure: beer and pizza happened. Hey, no one is perfect!

What are YOUR best practices for an event?

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