Friday, 8 January 2016


Holiday Hustle - Day 21

Holiday Hustle – Day 21

Freebie Day!

Try something new – either a new class (if you have the time), a new workout video, a printable workout, or a concoction of your very own!

Some Ideas:
·       Blogilates: When I injured myself after my last half marathon, I turned to this great blog to do workouts that targeted my core and didn’t hurt my foot any more than it already did! She has started to add more HIIT workouts as well, and I love her routines since they are short and sweet – perfect for mix-n-matching! Try it out HERE!
·       Peanut Butter Fingers: Another one of my long-time fave blogs, she is a personal trainer (and new Mommy!) who posts great workouts for the gym-loving souls, as well as some that are more home-friendly. Try it out HERE!

·       Remember: Treat yourself with kindness – if you miss a workout one day (or two, or three), don’t beat yourself up! Just try to wake up 20 mins earlier the next day and smash out a quick HIIT workout AND try to make your next meal a little bit cleaner (and leaner and greener!) 

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