Thursday, 31 December 2015


Holiday Hustle – Day 13

Hi friends,


The weekend of week two of the Holiday Hustle is now in-sight – keep up the amazing work!

Holiday Hustle – Day 13

Before primping yourselves for tonight, try to bust out our second round of the go-to bodyweight circuit!

Go-To Bodyweight Circuit

Do the following exercise one after the other, with as little time in between rounds as possible.

1. 20 Squat and Clean (with a weight held in to your chest, drop down to a squat and then stand up and thrust the weight all the way to the ceiling until your arms are straight)

2. 15 Push-Ups (option to do these on your knees – it’s better to drop down and do them properly than to do them on your feet with bad form!)

3. 20 Walking Forward Lunge

4. 15 Deadlift to Upright Row

5. 15 Tricep Extensions with Weight

6. 1 min Forearm Plank

·       Remember: Treat yourself with kindness – if you miss a workout one day (or two, or three), don’t beat yourself up! Just try to wake up 20 mins earlier the next day and smash out a quick HIIT workout AND try to make your next meal a little bit cleaner (and leaner and greener!) 


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