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Throwback Travel Thursday: Dominican RepubliCanada

Hi friends!

So, turns out we're heading to Cuba for the holidays(!!) In all of my excitement, I started looking at pics from our previous years away (we have a tendency to leave Canada for Christmas...) Here's some of the highlights of leaving the snow behind and spending Christmas on ze beach :)

Throwback Travel Thursday: Dominican RepubliCanada

As I've mentioned, this won't be the first time that me and mi familia have taken off for warmer temperatures during Christmas time. We have done a cruise in the Caribbean, went to Cuba, and three years ago (jeeze, time flies), we added Dominican Republic to our list.

Cleverly called Dominican RepubliCanada by our tour guides ;)

We are not exactly your average all-inclusive family, and we tend to last about...a day on the beach before we get antsy and want to do ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES. My fav adventures that we did included:


We decided to go on a boat tour to another island, which was absolutely stunning with white beaches, and went snorkeling with one of our guides, who caught some cool underwater pics for us.

Although we technically could have gone snorkeling at the resort, there was a lot of boat activity in front of our hotel's beach, so the water wasn't quite as clear. Gotta love just swimming around, getting lost in the sea :)


My little sister, Emily, is an amazing sailor, so my Step Dad and I forced her to take us out on the sailboat on the daily. Loved it!


My all-time fav outing that we did during our time in DR was the mudding adventure that we did  - kind of like sand dune buggies, only through the mud. We were absolutely covered in mud by the end - me and my little sister Katie went a bit wild - but then we were able to go to an underwater cave to jump in the water and wash off.

Totally worth it!  


We did a catamaran cruise as well, which was pretty low-key compared to the rest of our activities, but gave us the opportunity to lay in the sun and indulge in some of the strongest rum and cokes I have ever tasted.

When in Rome, n'est-ce pas?

Personally, I totally prefer get-away Christmases - I find it takes the focus off of the more materialistic side of Christmas, and brings it back to the true meaning of the holiday season: to spend it with the people you love most :)

My Grandparents are def NOT impressed that mi familia usually goes galavanting around different countries for Christmas and missing the holidays in Canada, but I would be lying if I said that I don't get uber excited(!!!) - every time is an adventure and a half!

  • Have YOU ever travelled during the Holidays? Love it or leave it??

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