Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Holiday Hustle – Day 11

Morning friends,

Hope you were all able to bust-out some cardio yesterday – as expected, its muscle-toning time!

Holiday Hustle – Day 11

Here’s round two of the Holiday Hustle Bodyweight Circuit!

Holiday Hustle Bodyweight Circuit

Do the following exercises one after the other, for a total of 4-7 sets, with as little time between rounds as possible.

1. 12 Squat and Clean (with a weight held in to your chest, drop down to a squat and then stand up and thrust the weight all the way to the ceiling until your arms are straight)

2. 12 Backward Lunge and Bicep Curl (with a weight held in your hands with your arms straight down, step back with your left leg as you lift the weight into a bicep curl, and release back down as you step forward – alternate sides)

3. 12 Sumo Squat and Row (with a weight held in your hands with your arms straight down, squat down into a wide-legged sumo squat, and lift weight up to a full row to your chest as you stand up)

4. 12 Push-Up and Leg-to-Knee (go down as a push-up on your feet or knees, and push up so your knees are off the ground – if necessary – and bring your right knee to your right elbow, and then your left knee to your left elbow)

5. 12 Tricep Dip and Leg Raise (on the side of a couch or hard box, dip down with your elbows pointing backwards as you lift your left leg in front of you – alternate legs)

·       Remember: Treat yourself with kindness – if you miss a workout one day (or two, or three), don’t beat yourself up! Just try to wake up 20 mins earlier the next day and smash out a quick HIIT workout AND try to make your next meal a little bit cleaner (and leaner and greener!) 


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