Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Tea and Wine

Hi friends, hope your Tuesday is treating you well :)

I am trying to stop whining about all of the travel prep that I have to do, and just git'er done. [Yes, I just said that]. I have officially made myself a to-do list (about 15 pages long), and I've started checking things off - feeling good!


I did the Tone It Up 'Holiday Hotties' workout that I did on Friday again last night, and my obliques are DEFINITELY feeling it today.

I'm thinking tonight is going to be an arm night, so I'm planning on doing a couple of Blogilates routines. I expect my arms to feel like jelly afterwards - the routines seem ridiculously easy at first, but they definitely catch up with you!

I wish that I could go for a run instead, but work continues to be busy, so I can't really sneak out at lunch AND I don't really feel like running in the dark on slippery sidewalks. Safety first, n'est ce pas?

Tea and Wine

I met up with two of my besties last night for dinner at Saigon in the Byward market [I know, I just went there the other day] - its one of my current favs. It is the last time that I am going to see my travel buddy before we meet in Thailand...so crazy to think about!!

Us at the MoMA in NYC, being awesome.

We couldn't make up our minds, so we decided to get green tea and red wine. Antioxidants for days.

I got the sweet and sour soup to start. It is seriously the best thing ever - it is sweet (I even had a few pieces of pineapple in mine, so good!), it is 'sour' (à la hot & sour soup) AND it is deliciously spicy. I would def recommend it ;)

I also got the vermicelli plate, but I was so full from the soup that I got most of it to go. 

I added some extra lettuce and spinach to it this morning et voilà - lunch is ready!

Gotta love leftovers. 

Also, I got two of the same , clearly a lot of honour coming my way soon...?

Anywho, hope you all have an awesome day, and I will [hopefully] be back tomorrow with a full day of eats for What I Ate Wednesday! [And, yes, I realize that I promised to do this last week, but things kind of got away with me...]

A demain :)

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