Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Absolute Comedy Ottawa & Travel Clinic Woes

Hi friends!

Hope you are all doing splendidly :)

I ended up going to Absolute Comedy with a girlfriend last night. I told her a little while ago that I had never been to a comedy club and she seemed shocked. And appalled. And somehow felt the need to fix the situation. Immediately.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with the hilarity of the comics, given it was a Tuesday night. Although the whole concept of a group of people sitting around a stage and waiting for someone to make them laugh still seems kind of strange to me...but I was pretty much crying laughing at some points. Mostly because my friend has the most contagious laugh ever. Good times.

We then went to the Standard on Elgin St. for $5 martinis. Because who doesn't love a good $5 martini, amiright?!

Thought so ;)

Travel Clinic Woes

Guys, I can't lift my arms. For serious.

Also, I feel like I am covered in tiny round bandaids.


Kind of like this, only about 20 years older. And minus the cute pink bandaid and tutu. 

I finally made the trip to the Ottawa University Travel Clinic last night. If you are looking for somewhere to go in Ottawa, I would definitely recommend it. I had an appointment, so I didn't wait for very long and my nurse was super easy-going and informative. Also, I have a bit of a fear of needles [okay, fineeee, they scare the heck out of me] so she talked me through it like a champ.

Only problem is that my arms now feel like about 20 people punched me for a couple of hours. And I can't really lift my arms. Reaching for the oatmeal in my cupboard this morning was a bit was putting on my jacket, lifting my coffee cup, and pretty much everything else in between.

However, I will hopefully be the healthiest traveling person ever. And won't catch something crazy like Japanese encephalitis, because that's a thing.

I know some of my friends are a bit on the fence about getting vaccines, but I am a bit of a nervous Nelly when it comes to potentially contracting hepatitis or another travel-related illness, so I would rather be safe than sorry. So I will suck it up and try not to be too much of a whiny baby about the whole I-just-spent-a-small-fortune-for-a-billion-vaccines and appreciate the fact that they will (hopefully) keep me happy and healthy during my travels. Double bonus!

Anywho, hope you all have better arm mobility than myself today. I'll be back either later today or tomorrow morning with a 'Guide to Conquering Holiday Indulgences'.

Have a great day!


  1. And on the 7th day God created ibuprofen! For you to take so you can stop crying about your arms ! Loaf you - Jessica