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Oh boy, I'm starting to realize just how soon I am leaving. In just over a week, I will be sitting by the Red Sea and wondering how I ever put up with living in a snowbank *ahem* I mean Canada ;)

I read an awesome post by the Fitnessista yesterday - one of the best fitness bloggers out there, in my opinion - and decided to do something similar for today's post.

I challenge you to pick three and share your answers in the comment section below!

Making: Lists. So many lists. Lists of things to pack, lists of things to buy, lists of things to do, lists of people to see, lists of places to go, lists of things to make lists about...

Cooking: The most basic meals ever in order to avoid doing groceries again before I leave next Sunday. Dinner last night consisted of frozen fish and frozen veggies. Clearing out the freezer, yo.

Drinking: Coffee with almond milk.

Reading: Wuthering Heights on my new ereader that I bought last night(!!). Because it was the only book on the list of 'free ebooks' that I recognized ;)


Initially, I wanted to go for the Kindle Paperwhite - most reviews rank it as the best on the market at the moment - but I decided to go for the Kobo Glo since Ottawa seems to be completely depleted of its Kindle stock and I found out that the Ottawa Public Library offers library ebooks on Kobos exclusively. Totally worth it!

Wanting: A colourful pair of running shoes that are actually somewhat functional. I picked up a pair recently on a whim, but ended up returning them after reading the reviews online...purchase gone wrong.

Is it too much to ask for a pair of runners that provide arch support AND come in bright colours?! I mean, really.

Looking: For someone to sublet my room. The girl that I had lined up to sublet for me backed out suuuper last minute - like, not even two weeks before she was going to move in - due to 'a drastic change in plans'. Aka she found another place. Just for the record, it is def not cool to pull something like that so soon to your move-in date. Grr.

Wasting: Post-its. I have fancy lined-paper post-its, which have been uber helpful for my constant lists. But this also means that my recycling pile is kind of overflowing with colourful post-it notes...

Sewing: Nada. Ain't nobody got time for that.

However, fun fact: this is the first Christmas that my fam will not be receiving hand-made knitted goods. I usually knit everyone something - it started off with pretty lame-looking scarves, but then I stepped it up a few years ago and started making socks. I taught myself from watching videos on youtube, gotta love the internet sometimes ;)

Wishing: I was done work. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and the people that I work with, but I could def use a couple of days off to organize myself before leaving. Instead, I have one day between the end of my contract and my departure. Challenge, accepted!

Enjoying: Every little moment. It's funny how much you start to appreciate the place that you are living when you know that you will not be returning in a while.

I heart you Ottawa, even when you're covered in snow :)

Liking: This awesome cycling video.

Wondering: What I will be doing in a month from now...

Loving: My Clinique facial care system. And wondering if I will be able to lug it around South East Asia...


Hoping: My little sister and stepdad have a safe flight to Egypt - they leave tonight!

Marveling: At how quickly time flies(!!)

Needing: To make a trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op [MEC] this weekend to pick up a few last-minute travel essentials.

Organic cotton sleeping bag liner, MEC

Smelling: Hand sanitizer.It's that time of year where everyone in the office seems to catch a cold. As per usual, people tend to overuse hand sanitizer to try and fend off the germs. It's hard to avoid catching something when you can hear someone coughing every five seconds...

...fingers crossed my daily echinacea pills give me the immune-boost to get me through the next week without catching something!

Wearing: Jeggings, a tank top and cardigan. And a pashmina. Because real pants are over-rated, and my office building is perpetually kept at glacial temperatures. Gotta love casual Fridays ;)

Following: The weather in Egypt, Jordan and Israel

Noticing: I have just over a week before I leave. MEEP!

Knowing: There are freshly baked cookies by the printer.

Thinking: I'm going to head out for a run at lunch today. Because, why not?! [Also, because I might have had one of the cookies by the printer...or two]

Feeling: Excited for this weekend - one of my bff's is coming down from Toronto, can't wait to see her!

Bookmarking: 'The best places to go in South East Asia', 'Packing lists for backpackers', and 'Free ebooks'.

Opening: The packages from my shopping spree at the pharmacy last night. Nothing gets me jazzed up for an upcoming trip like miniature bottles of shampoo, bug spray and aloe vera ;)

Giggling: At Modern Family. I just finished the last episode in season 4 last night...I literally cannot get through one episode without laughing out loud at least once.

Question of the Day:

  • What are you hoping/wishing/feeling/appreciating most today??

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