Monday, 30 December 2013


Christmas Day: Four-wheeling in the Egyptian Desert to a Bedouin Camp

You might think that spending a sleepless night freezing cold on the top of a mountain would be enough excitement for your first day in a new country, but turns out my family does not agree.

After returning to our hotel in Dahab, we had a couple hours of sleep and then we were back at it: four-wheeling through the desert to a Bedouin camp for a traditional native Egyptian chicken dinner (in the place of turkey) under the stars.

We got all wrapped up with scarves and headed out on our ATVs for an awesome ride through the desert – our leaders were pretty adamant about staying in a straight line (we were reprimanded a few times for straying from this rule) but rewarded us by going SUPER fast :)

Our ride was about an hour, after which we ended up at an awesome Bedouin camp – which are the native people of Egypt – where we sat around the campfire and enjoyed some sheesha and cocktails (smuggled in ourselves since the Bedouins do not drink).

Since we were having dinner on Egypt time, where ‘dinner at 7pm’really turns into 9pm, we sang some Christmas carols for our guides and they sang us some traditional Egyptian songs accompanied by a drum. It was amazing to see the energy that they get from the drum while they sing.

Our guides made the most amazing dinner ever – fresh babaganoush (they roasted the eggplant themselves), rice with some sort of noodle cooked into the mix (turns out they do this everywhere – I’m not sure what type of noodle it is, it tastes like an egg noodle, but it is the tastiest thing EVER), salad, and chicken cooked to perfection with amazing spices. So yummy.

We chilled out under the stars for a bit, and then packed up and four-wheeled back to our hotel. All-in-all, a wonderful evening, with the deepest sleep of my life that night.

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