Friday, 6 December 2013


Holiday Gift Guide: For the Yogi

Hi friends,

I am currently making my way to good ol' southern Ontario for a visit to my Dad's place. Aka trying to be a good daughter/sister and make up for the fact that I won't be in Canada during Christmas for the second year in a row by having an early celebration full of snowy walks, Christmas carols, life chats over buckets of tea, family dinner, and possibly even eggnog ;)

I am looking forward to making some snow angels (assuming there is snow in southern Ontario...?)

And taking some jumping pics with these hooligans - hopefully Alec gets the memo this time ;)

We still loaf him even though he hasn't quite managed the vertical jump.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Yogi

As I mentioned yesterday when I posted a gift guide for the fitness-lovers in your life, bloggers tend to go a bit crazy cray with different themed gift guides around this time. So, here's a couple of ideas for the yogi in your life :)

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are a bit of a personal thing, but if your yogi is just starting out their practice, this is a great gift. Its a bit on the higher price range, but Manduka mats (pictured above) have a lifetime warranty. I highly recommend them!

Earth-Conscious Yoga Wear

Want to really treat the yogi in your life? Opt for Earth-conscious yoga wear. Gaiam is a great organic clothing option. I am loving their thermal sweater wraps - perfect for going to-and-from the yoga studio!


Same goes in the head gear department from my last gift guide [see post here]. It's a pretty general rule that someone who works out on a regular basis - or a not-so-regular basis - can never have too many hair-ties or headbands. In many colours. 

You can quote me on that ;)

Buddha-Themed Kitchen Appliances

You may think that this is not a thing, but it is definitely a thing. I got this Buddha butter dish for my Momster last year and she loved it ;)

I can't believe its not buttah!

Anywho, those are a few ideas to surprise the amazing yogi in your life with something that just screams 'OM'. Okay, I kid. But seriously, this will get you some serious bOMnus marks ;)

Hope you all have a wunderbar Friday! 

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