Thursday, 31 October 2013


Foodie Penpals Reveal!

Hey ghouls and guys,

Everyone loving life on this fine, gloomy Hallowe'en eve? Hope you all have a stash of Hallowe'en candy on-hand...personally, I have already powered though mine and need to reload soon. Meaning I will wait for tomorrow when the candy hopefully goes on sale ;)

Foodie Penpals

I can't even describe how freaking AMAZING it is to receive a box of goodies in the mail. If you are ven considering if it is a good idea to sign up, DO IT!! It is so fun to share some of you fav snacks with someone else...and then try some of their out :)

My penpal, Valerie from Montreal, really went all out. 


It took me a little while to break into, but I was like a little kid on Christmas when I finally opened the package. Seriously, I was pretty much bouncing around for the rest of the night. 
And not only due to a sugar high....

She did kind of a Hallowe'en theme for my goodies and included these skeletons - currently the only Hallowe'en decoration hanging in our apartment. Thanks Valerie ;)

These almonds had a delicious french vanilla-flavoured candy coating. I kept them in my snack drawer at work (yes, this is a thing) and they disappeared embarrassingly fast.

She even included some homemade granola - so cute!


These tasted like cheesy Doritos. For reals.
Somehow the fact that they are made with rice made me feel better about devouring them...

This tea tastes like those awesome Girl Guides mint-chocolate cookies

These were my all-time fav (my little bro will agree - he asked me where I got them and was disappointed when I told him I got it from a random penpal) 

They were so cute and little, but were a taste explosion of ginger-cookie deliciousness

I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate, and this was a strangely good flavour combination. 
Would def buy this again.

These two little treats were gone in a heartbeat. The coconut cream was the bomb-diggity

So...there you go. Sign up for foodie penpals through the Lean Green Bean. For reals. You won't regret it!!!

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