Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

Hi friends! 

I am currently sitting beside the pool at the Marriott hotel in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. It's nice, but my fam says that the other hotel that they stayed at while they were waiting for me to arrive (the four day plane ride here) was on a whole other level. They highly recommend the Movenpick, if ever you're in the area. It's a bit farther from the boardwalk, so you have to take a taxi, but it's worth it for the grandeur. Go big or go home, yo. 

We have been hanging out in Sharm for a couple of days now. 

It is very different from where we were in Dahab. It is very much a resort town, with pristine boardwalks and tons of western restaurants like McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Pizza. 

We prefer the more local restaurants, where we are always offered free sheesha and appetizers ;)

I feel like a couple of days in Sharm is more than enough. After the awesome laid back feeling in Dahab, which is a bit more real and less resort-y although still touristy with all of the shops selling the same stuff, Sharm is total resort-ville. It doesn't even feel like you are in Egypt. 

I went for a long run this morning, and noticed that there was someone running at the same pace jut behind me. It was starting to bother me, so I slowed down to let them pass me, when all of a sudden an Egyptian guy pops up beside me and asks me where I'm from. 

We had a good long run together, wandering up an down roads, when all of a sudden he asks me if I am married. 

Um, no. 

'Okay - how about one million camels ad two chickens?' 

...and that is where our run together ended ;) I mean, two chickens?! Common man. 

Anyway, we're planning on spending the whole day in the sun ad then taking a bus to Cairo to see where my mom and little sister have been living. It's going to be much colder there, so we are soaking up a much sun as possible ;)

Fun fact: January 7 is when Egyptians celebrate Christmas. 

Have a great day!!

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