Thursday, 9 January 2014


Grocery Shopping on Road 7 in Maadi, New Cairo

Hi friends! 

Hope you're all having a wunderbar Thursday so far :) 

We had an awesome day today. We lazed around this morning - it felt so good to make my own breakfast of yogurt, strawberries and banana with muesli - and then headed over to Road 7 to meet up with my Mom's friend Sherri, her son Ryan and her roommate Curtis, who also works as a teacher with my Momster. 

All of the roads here are numbered. For example, my Mom's apartment is on Road 199. 

My Mom and Sherri love going to Road 7 to get their groceries - with a stop on Road 9 at their fav nut shop, obvi ;) 

We were the only Caucasian people to be seen. Lots of the vendors thought it was hilarious that a whole pack of white people were wandering around trying to haggle them. 

But they were good sports about it and actually have us the Egyptian price most of the time. 

Well, as far as we could tell ;) 

You can find anything that you could ever want and more - this is the fish guy, who insisted on shoving a fresh fish in my face every time I walked by. La! No! 

We made sure to stop by my little sister Emily's fav cupcake shop on the way home - I would suggest the red velvet, not the chocolate...

Overall, a successful grocery excursion! Only took us a couple of hours ;) 

Everything is a bit of an ordeal here, but I'm loving every minute of it so far! 

We're just heading out to Sherri's place for a big homemade dinner and sheesha. 

We had to stop by our place first to wash off our feet an drop off our goods - it rained off and on all day, and Cairo is def not made for rain. It usually only rains twice a year, although Emily swears that it has rained about ten times now. 

Hope you are all having a dryer day than us ;) 

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