Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Four-Wheeling in the Desert - Stepdads Last Day in Egypt

For my stepdads last day in Egypt, we decided to do something fun to send him off in style. 

Four-Wheeling in the Desert

We already took ATVs on a ride into the desert to a Bedouin camp, but one of my mom's friends' sons just arrived and she wanted him to try it out. 

We were told that we were going to take a different route than the last time, so we hopped on the bikes and got ready for a wild ride ;)

It was seriously the funnest ride of all time. 

We went off close to dusk, and already knew the leader guys so we were able to convince them to let us go fast. 

And they actually let us go SO FAST! It was ridiculously fun just givin'er through the desert dust. 

I was completely covered in dust by the end, but it was totally worth it! 

Actually, I have to admit something slightly embarrassing. I had my phone in my pocket to take pictures as we were riding, but we went way later than I expected and started to go through this awesome area with bumps that we were jumping over - in the dark - when all of a sudden I noticed that my phone had fallen out of my pocket. 


I got everyone to stop and had pretty much given up hope of getting it back as one of our guides went off to search for it in the dark. When he got back, he said that he was super sorry but didn't find it...joking!! I pretty much freaked out and have him the biggest hug ever and started dancing around. So good! 

Lesson learned: don't leave your phone in your pocket when on an ATV. Because it will fall out. And you will probably lose it. 

Stepdads Last Day in Egypt 

As our last hurrah for my stepdad, we went out for a big family dinner at a restaurant that met all of our new standards: to have good ambience, an open fire pit, free sheesha and appetizers ;) 

The appetizers here are out of control delicious - fresh pita bread, hummus, tahini, eggplant and babaganoush. 

So good. 

We will definitely miss having him around for our adventures, and hope he doesn't turn into a Popsicle back in Canada!

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