Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Night Dive

We decided that we would make a change of scenery when my stepdad left and move over to the north side of Dahab, which is completely different from where we had been staying. 

Whereas our old hotel was close to the boardwalk in Dahab with all of the cool shops and restaurants, the north side has beautiful white sand beaches and is heaven for kite boarders and windsurfers. 

It's also the go-to place for Russians. We were literally the only English people in the whole hotel - even the signs were in Russian. Too funny. And slightly unexpected. 

Night Dive

We had heard from another family that they had seen a turtle on a night dive that they did, so we decided that our last dive in Dahab would be a night dive. 

Man, was it ever cool. Literally. Slightly freezing, but so freaking worth it! 

It was so different from diving during the daytime, for obvious reasons. We each had our own flashlights and went in pairs so that we could try and stay in a lineup easier that way. 

My mask kept fogging up, which was frustrating, so I was a bit prepccupied with that and trying to keep my buoyancy under control so that I didn't hit anything or go too deep and touch something poisonous - would have been a bit of a buzz killer - so I almost didn't notice the huge sea turtle that was hanging out under a rock. It was so cool!! 

We kept going for a bit, and then on our way back to surfacing, we actually saw the turtle swimming along beside us. It was so serene and big and beautiful... It definitely made the freezing-cold truck drive back to the diving center worth it ;)

If ever you are considering doing a night dive, I would totally recommend it! I thought it would be scary being underwater in the dark, but it's so interesting. Also, you can see a lot of things that you wouldn't otherwise during the day, and a lot of sea creatures hunt at night. Definitely an experience of a lifetime :)

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