Sunday, 5 January 2014


Diving at the Underwater Canyon and the Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt

Hi friends! 

It's been another couple of days since I posted an update. We are still in Dahab, Egypt and are just packing up our stuff and getting ready to move to another hotel in Dahab on the north shore where there are legit white sand beaches and kite surfing galore - so excited to get my tan on! I already have the craziest tan lines from wearing random shirts during our many (many) activities, so I have to even it out a bit ;) 

Diving the Underwater Canyon and the Blue Hole 

On January 3, we decided to go for another dive. 

Because we're addicted ;)

We went to the underwater canyon, which I did as my first check dive way back when (how many days ago was that?! Haha the days are kind of getting away with me...).  It was super cool diving here again, although we weren't able to go down into the canyon this time, but we saw the bubbles that floated up through the ground from all of the divers in the canyon below. 

We then went over to the blue hole, obviously riding in the back of the trucks. I've literally neve had so many rides in the back of a pickup truck before in my life. Loves it! 

I think that the blue hole was my fav dive so far - it's this large 'hole' in the middle if the ocean. We went down the 'chimney', which is a big tunnel - I went down the second part as well with another guy that we were diving with, which took us down to about 35 meters below the surface. Crazy cray. 

It's weird because you can actually feel your mind processes slowing down a bit when you're that far under water. 

We then met up with the rest of the group and went along the side of the blue hole and saw some of the most beautiful coral that I've ever seen. 

Another successful diving day!

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