Sunday, 23 February 2014


Overnight Ferry - Koh Tao Island to Surat Thani and Krabi, Thailand

Hi all! 

Hope you are all feeling fantastico today :) if not just cause life is good, but for the fact that Canada won our second gold medal for hockey - BOOYAH!! So proud!

Anywho, Cyn and I braved the overnight ferry from Koh Tao to Surat Thani on the mainland on our way to the western side of the southern tip of Thailand. 

There were two floors on the ferry, both with huge bunker rooms that were filled with double bunk beds. It was like a giant sleepover party. 

I am (not so secretly) glad that I had my awesome travel buddy for the ride, it would have been pretty close quarters with a stranger haha. Oof. 

About half an hour after we left the pier, the lights were turned down and people got a bit hushed and tried to settle in for a few hours of sleep. The ferry left Koh Tao at 9:30pm and was set to arrive at around 5am in Surat Thani. 

And then the waves started. It was a tad terrifying, and there were times when the motor stopped in order to crash through a wave. As I said, terrifying. 

Yet, despite the crazy rocking of the boat, we actually managed to get some shut-eye and arrive alive. 

We were shuttled to a random office through the company we booked the bus with and waited a while. 'Big bag at the back!' We were one of the first people to arrive, so our bags were at the bottom of a mountain by the time we were set to leave. All part of the travelling experience in Thailand ;)

We were transferred by white van to Krabi. I passed out during the 2 hour ride, but woke up to amazing mountain views passing by the window. The west side is absolutely gorgeous and SO different from the east side. 

We hung out at another random office for about an hour, until all of the madness of people trying to get buses to their respective destinations died down a bit. Things just take a bit more time here than you expect. 

We grabbed a van ride to Ao Nang near Krabi, ready to start our adventures on the west side of the peninsula! 

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