Wednesday, 12 February 2014


My Travel Buddy Arrives

Morning all! 

I am so flipping excited - my travel buddy Cynthia, who I went to NYC with during the fall, has finally arrived! Weehoo!!!

The beauty in the red (my other gal pal is unfortunately still in a snow bank in Canada...missing you chica!) 

Bag of watermelon on Khoasan Road

I kind of mixed up her arrival time, and I'm so (so so) glad that I double checked it right before heading out to the night market. I didn't make it there last night, and instead hightailed it to a van heading to the airport to greet her in style ;) 

I grabbed my first pad thai street food en route - so delicious! And only $1.50. Loves it. 

Bag of mango on Koahsan Road (see a pattern here..?) 

Instead of taking a regular taxi, I took one of the white mini vans - it costed only 100 baht (~$3.25) instead of the 650 baht taxi ride that I took my first night here. 

It was a bit too late to find a similar one heading back to Khoasan Road, I was told they stop at around 11pm. I tried to get my driver to come back and get us, but he said that he would be sleeping. 

Lame sauce. 

On the bright side, our taxi ride back to Khoasan Road was a bit cheaper - only 450 baht this time. 

We celebrated the only way we know how, with a cold one ;)

The party was raging on the street, random impromptu dance parties all over the place, but our room was far enough away from the road that it was completely quiet(!!). Best sleep I've had in days!!

We just had our complimentary breaky, with real coffee (great success!) and booked our hotel room on Koh Samui for the full moon party, and now we're ready to explore Bangkok some more :) 

Have a fibbity fab day everyone!

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