Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Buddha Day: Emerald Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

Emerald Temple 

The last stop was the Emerald Temple, which was pretty spectacular.

Again, my tuktuk driver stayed out while I went in and walked around...

...until someone kindly asked me for my ticket and I realized I had to pay 20 baht to get in. My bad. 

I also wandered to the outskirts of the temple to the monk residence area. 

The middle of the temple usually holds the larger Buddha statue, with a gallery that runs around it with other statues, and then the outside of the temple area has the monks' quarters. 

There was a beautiful river flowing through the grounds. 

And a couple of other structures on the grounds, built for various kings and their concubines. For reals. 

The architecture was spectacular. 

And I found the largest drum of all time. 

I guess size mattered to these kings...

Chao Phraya River

My tuktuk driver dropped me off at the Chao Phraya River, where I walked along and got my first Thai street meal. 

Delicious mystery soup. 

I decided there were enough people eating there, so it must be good, amiright?! Right. 

I then wandered back towards Khaosan Road along the water and through the market vendors set up along the street. 

It's interesting - it seems like similar stands set up near each other. There was one area with all similar jewelry, then amulets, then table after table of papers stapled to the top. 

It was either lottery tickets or car license something-or-other. I didn't quite understand, but people were definitely interested! 

I actually managed to find my way back allllll by myself and didn't even bust out my map once! My fav thing to do in a new city is to get lost and find your way back by yourself. 

Doesn't always work, obvi, but that's what tuktuks are for ;)

I am planning on checking out the night market for dinner, and then heading to the airport to pick up my friend who is flying into Bangkok tonight - so excited to be reunited with my traveling partner!!

Khaosan Road, decorated. 

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