Monday, 29 July 2013


Hello World!

Hello World!
I am a fitness blog enthusiast. It has become my daily ritual to check in with my fellow healthy lifestyle/fitness bloggers, a list that has grown quite substantially recently. I have discovered that I have jumped on this whole blogging bandwagon a bit late, and my fav bloggers have started to – GASP – have babies!! Which is totally wonderful and whatnot, but it means that they are now on a total other playing field than I – my “entering the workforce at a junior level/ just about to go to law school/in a relationship but not committed by marriage/don’t have to take care of anyone else but myself (and Kit the cat)” self – meaning I have taken the plunge into the healthy lifestyle/fitness/fun blogging world!!

And, boy, does it feel great :)

As my first – that’s right, FIRST! – blog post, I’ma plan out my weekly workout schedule and challenge myself to actually follow it! Too often I plan out my weekly fitness goals and I end up dropping the ball a bit, which eventually turns into a few days of flailing to get back to business. 

So, here goes. 

My Week’s Workouts:
Weighted workout
Run @ work (lunch)
Kettlebell Class
Run - intervals
Weighted workout
Run - 7km

I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling pretty giddy right now. Look out interweb, here I come!

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