Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Family Time

I hope you all had a wonderful night!



I had a bit of a lame breakfast this morning. I clearly wasn't thinking when I did groceries on Sunday evening, since I woke up this morning to discover that there was no bread left in da house. Not even in the freezer.

Cucumber in garden
Garden cuke. My fav.
Mega fail.

So I made due with scrambled eggs and half a garden cucumber - delish! I topped it all off with a cup of coffee with a splash of almond milk, and I was set to go!


I had big plans to go for a run at lunch time at work yesterday, but the other ladies in my work run group weren't able to go out (I'm thinking probs due to the visit from the new DM...) so I had only about half an hour to get in a run, get cleaned up, and out the door for dinner. So I busted out one of my fav run intervals workout

Run - Intervals


60sec - HARD (80% effort)
60sec - recovery (30% effort)

Continue for a total of 15mins. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Family Time

I'm a huge sucker for family time. I live near my parents now, after moving back after graduating from University about a year ago. I am living with my boyf in a town riiiight next to the one I grew up in the Gatineau Hills. Never expected that to happen, always pictured myself to be a bit more of a city girl, but it has been amazing to come back and enjoy the fresh air and being so close to the river...sigh. It's the good life!

An extra bonus is the fact that I can come home for family dinners at least once a week.

My bday 2012, with my pretty sissies

Since my Mom and my little sister Emily (the one on the left of me in the pic above) are leaving very soon for a year abroad, I have been squeezing in as much family time as possible lately to make up for their absence - coming up SO SOON!! 

We had an awesome gathering at a close family friend's place, shared some good laughs, drank some delicious wine, ate yummy food, and generally just enjoyed each others company.

Gatineau River

I am super excited for my Momster and Emsies, but I will miss them a lot when they leave. Sending out positive vibes for them to have a safe journey, and a wonderful adventure!

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