Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Sweaty Circuit

Guten Morning!

I did an amazingly sweaty circuit last night, and thought I would share it with you all.


Circuit #1

50sec on, 10sec rest x 3 times (total: 12min)
1 - Mountain climbers
2 - Upright row to push-up
3 - Wood chopper (L & R alternating)
4 - bicep curl to shoulder press

(similar to this DailyHiit workout)

Then, since I didn't feel quite tired enough, I did a little ab-burner


Curcuit #2

20sec on, 10sec rest x 4 times (total: 8min)
1 - Stability ball leg pike (plank position, hands on floor, legs on ball, and lift bum and you rollfeet towards hands)
2 - Leg extension with bum lift (back on floor, lift legs to 90 degrees and then lift bum off floor, legs going towards the ceiling)
3 - Plank on forearms
4 - Superman plank (plank on hands and feet, lift opposite hands and feet, alternating)

(very similar to this PBFingers workout)



I had a quick and easy breaky of scrambled eggs and a piece of toast before I ran out the door this morning - I was almost late for my carpool! I have been very spoiled lately since the other lady that I carpool with has been coming to pick me up at my house to go to the meeting spot (literally right down the road. I know. I'm super lame haha)

Alsooo, I'ma work on this whole 'post pictures because they're pretty and make people want to read more' thing. I am one of the last surviving non-smartphone people in the world (even my Momster has a smartphone...) so I have to resort to using a good old fashioned camera, but I tend to forget it at home. Did I mention I don't even have internet where I live? I wouldn't overly recommend living without it ;)

Have a great day!

Have YOU ever had to live without the internet or smartphone? What lengths did you go to in order to use it?? I have totally been that person camped out in the local coffee shop to shamelessly use their wifi...for hours on end!

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