Friday, 30 October 2015


C'est L'Halloweeeeen!

Morning friends! 

I had a blast-from-the-past workout this morning.

It's been great getting back on here and going through all of my 'old' workouts and me all sorts of fitspiration! 

Okay, fine, this is from the summer...but we don't have a good tall mirror in our place yet...AND I felt the same as I did here! 

C'est L'Halloweeeeen! 

Ermagerd. You guys. I don't know if you realized this, but I LOAF Halloween - I mean, how amazing is it to have a pseudo-holiday filled with costumes, candy and dancing with friends?? 

Answer: Super Amazing. 

This year, I am taking some artistic leeway and dressing-up as a peacock. 

Aka - all blue everything + one lonely peacock feather. 

Sad trombone. 

But never fear, I have an eggcellent history with animal costumes, so it will all work out swimmingly. 

One of my besties is coming over tonight to get all fancied-up, then we're heading to the uOttawa med/law party (yes, we really are pretentious like that) SO EXCITED to dance my bottom off. All. Night. Long. 

On a side note, did you know that there was such a thing as white pumpkins?? Me neither. 

Hope you all have fun pre-Halloween shenanigans, or curl up with a solid scary movie at least! 

[Note: I am the WORST with scary movies, so we watched the Adams Family as we carved our pumpkin. For reals] 

Loves it. 

  • What are YOU up to for Halloween this year?? Do you loaf it as much as I do...??

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