Thursday, 5 June 2014


Mui Ne, Vietnam

After such an incredible time spent on the gorgeous island beaches of southern Cambodia and Thailand, I was a bit disappointed with Mui Ne. 

I knew that I was approaching Mui Ne when I started to see the Russian signs for big resorts along the side of the highway. 

If you've spent any time in Southeast Asia, you will know the little Russian enclaves that have been developing. Turns out, Mui Ne is one of them. 

Mui Ne stretches out on a peninsula, with little guesthouses and shops on either side of the road that follows the ocean side, with larger and more glamorous resorts along the water. 

I stayed at 1 & 10 Hostel - the owners are super nice and the dorm is only 70,000 Vietnamese dong ($3.25). Although the mattresses and pillows could use a bit more stuffing, it's a cheap and cheerful place to stay. 

I was ready to leave pretty much as soon as I got there, but unfortunately I came down with a super bad flu and was essentially bedridden for two days straight. 

Not too shabby when you are laying by the water on a comfy lounge chair from a resort across the road from your cheap hostel ;) 

There are tons of little fishing boats along the water, and the beach is perfect for a long stroll. 

The seafood is amazingly fresh and delicious (for obvious reasons). Def try Mr Crab's restaurant for the most amazing grilled seafood! Fresh out I the tank. 

Delicious banana pancake 

You can also rent a bike and see the red and white sand dunes. 

Aside from that, I wouldn't suggest sticking around for too long. If you're looking for the beach, there are much less-developed areas further up the coast of Vietnam. Otherwise, I would say you can skip this destination altogether...but that's just my humble opinion ;)

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