Sunday, 27 April 2014


Kep, Cambodia

made the 25km journey from Kampot to Kep on a motorbike, although you can also catch a minivan to the main beach if biking isn't for you. 

The roads are alright, although there's a bit of loose gravel and lots of construction along the Kep circuit with only a strip of pavement bordered by sand. Makes things interesting when a huge truck passes by ;)

There are supposedly two caves that you can go to between Kampot and Kep, although I wasn't able to find either. 

Le fail. 

My little moto group and I hung out in hammock by the ocean after our long drive in the heat. I know, hard life ;) 

Lesson learned: the hammocks are $1 each, so don't feel obliged to buy a drink like we did. 

Kep is known for it's amazing crab, so our next stop was the crab market. 

There are a bunch of stalls set up by the ocean with lots of seafood, but the real crab selling happens on the pier. 

Ladies were selling their wares and locals would painstakingly choose what they thought to be the best crabs of the bunch. 

We went to Kimly restaurant on the water near the market, which was recommended to us. I got the fried crab with Kampot green pepper. Slightly saucy, but delicious. I would recommend the grilled crab if you want something less rich.  

All in all, a great day excursion. You can also stay in a guesthouse or bungalow in Kep, although there's really not much else to do other than lie on the beach and eat delicious crab meat. 

Wait, what am I saying, that's amazing! Definitely worth the drive there, even if the roads are currently under construction. 

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